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Reliable parts. On time.
Your partner in great design

Your New England Growth Partner Since 1943

A Manufacturers' Representative Firm Serving the Electronic and Electromechanical Community 

Quality Parts


We know we’re only as good as our line card. That’s why we develop long-standing relationships with manufacturers who are proven leaders in their industries. For 80 years, we have stood behind the parts we place. When you source parts with us, our relentless commitment to quality and reliability comes with it.

Design Support


We don’t just represent companies, we deliver the latest engineering resources and solutions to help you develop standout designs. With Kilfoil, you get quality parts on time, but you also get a partner who supports your drive for great design.

Peace of Mind

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We understand. New designs sometimes require parts from suppliers you haven’t tested yet. We do the testing for you. We vet every supplier on our line card, and we stand behind the parts we source. That means when your day is done, you don’t bring worries home with you. You can leave the office at the office.

The Right People with the Right Experience

SECO boasts eight decades of experience and a strong team, including leaders Stephen Rossi and Kurt Lorenzen, who have significantly contributed since the '80s and took ownership in 1993. The company has a notably low turnover, thanks to a focus on team and individual incentives. With principals with decades of experience, SECO's long-term partnerships and personnel consistency highlight its solid market presence and deep problem-solving capabilities.

Selective Technology Partners

SECO adopts a selective approach in partnering with technology lines, prioritizing component compatibility among principals to ensure optimal performance and integration. This strategy not only addresses the challenges of expanding market share but also plays a critical role in increasing product sales for our technology partners. Our engaged sales team, known for its leadership in the market, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and effectiveness, with references available upon request. Furthermore, SECO expects higher accountability from our manufacturing partners, aiming to position ourselves as one of the top representative organizations in our manufacturers' networks.

Strong Market Presence

SECO has established a strong market presence in various sectors, including automotive, medical, data communications, and industrial, backed by distribution relationships built on decades of credibility and trust. Recognizing the critical role of sales through distribution, SECO ensures that all sales representatives are dedicated to working closely with, monitoring, and servicing distributor sales efforts. Our commitment to succeeding alongside our distributors is evident in our efforts to build lasting relationships and deliver substantial value. Daily, we focus on the core questions that drive our mission forward: "What are you creating? What are you closing?" ensuring we constantly contribute to mutual growth and success.

Tools for Unlocking Growth

SECO leverages industry-leading systems and tools to drive growth, enhance marketing efforts, and optimize lead generation and data utilization. Our toolkit includes a custom CRM based on Microsoft Dynamics, empowering us with advanced customer relationship management capabilities. We also utilize QPS for effective distribution quarterly planning sessions, myREP for real-time, cloud-based reporting straight from our CRM, and proprietary tools that streamline the management and budgeting of marketing activities, co-op dollars, events, training, and trade shows. These resources ensure that SECO and its manufacturing and distribution partners are equipped to maximize market presence and achieve mutual growth objectives.

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