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We proudly represent the following manufacturers:

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Standard and Custom Pin & Socket Interconnect Solutions.  BGA Socketing Systems, Board-to-Board Connectors, IC Sockets and Adapters, Package Conversion Adapters, Removable Terminal Carriers, Terminals and Test Jacks.

Full Line of Standard PCB and Cable Connectors and Molded Cable Assemblies.  The latest USB 3.0 Connectors, FFC/FPC and Memory Card Offerings.   Standard and Custom Heat Sinks.   Offerings for TO-220 and TO-126 Transistors, Including Mounting Clip Options.

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors 500 Vdc - 20 kVdc+.  Radial Leaded, Surface Mount, Multilayer Capacitors.  Radial Leaded Disc Capacitors,  Pulse Discharge Capacitors, Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitors.  Custom Ceramic Capacitor Designs and Configurations.

EMI/RFI Filters:  Standard & Custom

AC Power Line, 48V DC Input, 3-Phase, Medical, MIL and ITAR Filters.  Terminal Blocks:  Barrier, High Voltage, European & DIN Rail.  Plastic Molding Capabilities.  VDE, UL & CSA approvals. 


Switches:  Slide, Pushbutton, Toggles and Rockers up to 20A & IP68. Industrial, Defense & Aerospace Connectors. MIL-Spec and NAVSEA.  ITAR Registered.

Switches:  Illuminated Rockers and Pushbuttons up to 20A, Custom Legend Options.  Keylocks:  SP and DP,  Five Tumbler Mechanism.

High-Performance Heat Sinks, Liquid Cold Plates, Bonded Fin Heat Sinks, Thermal Assemblies and Machining. Thermal Design Services.

Switches: Rotary, Miniature and Power Toggles, Miniature Pushbutton and Rockers. Sealed IP67 Power Toggles (6A-15A).  Mechanical Encoders and Indicator lights.


Film Capacitors: Standard & Custom

Radial, Box, Epoxy-Dipped, Film-Foil 
and Metalized Caps, Snubber Capacitors and DC Link Capacitors.

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Zebra® Elastomeric Connectors

SARCON® Thermal Management Components.  Silicone Rubber
Thermal Pads & Gap Fillers
. High Thermal Conductivity Products up
to 17 Watt/m•K.





Harmony Electronics (HELE) is a leader in the manufacturing of precision frequency control devices. Control the production of crystal oscillators and resonators from design to delivery.





Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solutions in a full array of technologies. 





Audio Alerts, Microphones  and Speakers.  Piezo Benders, Transducers and Indicators. 
Water Resistant Products.


Round and Rectangular Panel Mount

Indicators, LED, Rear Mount and

Specialty Indicators.

High Voltage Diodes:  1kV to 16kV Vrwm. Opto-Diodes & Opto-Couplers. Rectifiers:  Low and High Voltage, Multipliers/Hybrids. High Voltage Power Supplies.

DC to DC Converters:  1 to 6000 Watts.    Single & Multi-Output AC-DC Power Supplies: 1/2 to 1500 Watts.


MilitaryMedical and Industrial Grade Power Supplies.  Build-to-Print Capabilities and Custom Solutions.

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